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Thanks to our Local Recycling Partners

Arrangements can be made for pickup at A Wildflower Florist

Our products including live worms 
are available locally at these locations.

Red Wigglers

The best composting worms!

Don's Garden Shop

A Wildflower


​​Our products are now available at Buckley's Homestead Supply.

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All our products are now available at Don's.  Look for our logo!

Blue Collar Worms          


All products are available year round at Buckley's Homestead Supply.



Composting With Worms

Class​ Times  

Join us for a composting with worms workshop ​​

August 17 Saturday at 10:30 am seats available

Call Buckley's​ Homestead Supply at

719-358-8510. Cost is $5 for a one hour hands on class about composting worm care as well as  harvesting and using your castings.  Everything needed to start your own vermicomposting bin will be available for sale.