Blue Collar Worms          

Nutrient benefits from castings will last up to two months, due to a time-release coating that slowly nourishes the plants. Watering on top of castings will leach nutrients into the soil. Don’t worry about adding too much because you can’t burn or harm even the most delicate plants with your castings!

HOUSEPLANTS: 1 to 2 tablespoons sprinkled in pot.

GARDENS: New gardens apply 1 cup per linear foot row. Maintain garden by adding 1 cup per plant every 2 months.

PERENIALS: Apply 1 cup of castings per plant, added above roots every 2 months.

PLANTING SHRUBS & TREES: Mix 1 part castings to 3 parts soil, plant as normal.

STARTING SEEDLINGS: Mix 1 part castings to 3 parts starting soil, plant as normal.

ESTABLISHED LAWNS: Spread by hand at a rate of 1 gallon per 200 sq ft, every 2 months.


5 gal Worm Castings
Suggested uses for Worm Castings

Order contains 5 gallons of all natural, freshly harvested worm castings.