Blue Collar Worms  


Frequently Asked Questions

What if my worms try to get out?

     Your worms will be happy if moisture and food are correct. If your worms come up the side of the bin, remove the lid, and turn on the light. This should discourage this behavior.

How much can I feed my worms?

     Your worms can eat one half their body weight in food every day. 

Do I have to have a special bin for my worms?

     No. Any bin that can have aeration holes added can be a worm composter. 

Do my worms live in soil?

     No, these worms need a bedding mix (peat moss or coconut coir) and plenty of food. They are not soil dwellers.

How long will my worms live?

     In a healthy environment these worms can live up to four years.

What will I do with my castings?

     Use castings as an all purpose fertilizer on any plants you like. Castings are also great for seed starting mix 50% starter mix and 50% castings. 

How long will my castings be good for?

    As long as you keep them moist and oxygenated castings have an indefinite shelf life. Heat and cold do not affect your castings.

When can I harvest my castings?

    The bedding is converted to castings when it looks like fine coffee grounds. This usually takes 12 to 24 weeks. 

How will I harvest my castings?

    There are a few options including shaker harvesters, trommeling or feeding methods. 

What are those little white specs in my bin?

    Spring tails are harmless soil dwellers that you may find in your bin. If your infestation becomes a nuisance place a milk soaked piece of bread on top of your bedding. When the

    bread becomes covered with spring tails remove bread and throw out. Spring tails live in moist environments; they will not hurt the worms but will compete for food.